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100 Year Flood Level:  721.00 ft.
Mean High Water:  715.30 ft.
Length: 19.6 miles
Maximum Width:  1.9 miles
Maximum Depth:  183 ft.
Area:  11,584 acres
Current Lake Level
Current Water Temperature






"The closest thing to heaven has to be a summer evening at Keuka Lake.  Sitting in an Adirondack chair on the end of the dock, feet propped up, just watching the sun set..."  The Keuka Lake area hosts several companies specializing in Docks, Seawalls, Retaining Walls
Boathouses and Boat lifts. 

Veley Enterprises
8716 Coryell Road
Hammondsport NY 14840
Serving Keuka for 35 years!
Docks, Seawalls, Retaining Walls
Boathouses, Pile Driving, Ice
Breakers,Underwater Welding
Dive Service & Instruction.
Boat Salvage & Barge Service.

R & R Docks
Specializing in dock building,
pile driving, ice breakers, seawalls
& boathouses.
Boat Salvage Services.
Eco-friendly barge service.

Don's Lakeside Construction Inc.
PO Box 204
Wayne NY 14893
We customize your lakeside living and
solving your waterfront problems.
Docks, Lifts, Boat Houses
Seawalls and shore-side
site development services.

Sutterby Construction Services
14823 Sterling Valley Rd.
Sterling, NY 13156
Permanent and floating boathouses.
Boat house lift systems. Docks and
boardwalks in woods, composites & steel.
State-of-the-Art incline elevators that
meet the challenges of steep hill side
terrain. Bulkheads (seawalls), retaining
walls, revetments (riprap), breakwaters.

Brawdy Marine Construction, Inc.
1803 Kings Hill Road
Dresden NY 14441
(716) 741-8714 / (315) 536-0546
With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can repair, revamp and construct a marina specific to your needs. We have the means to access your property from land, or water via our barge system. Your custom designed dock and/or boathouse will be supported by steel frames, poles and bases and will be constructed from pressure treated lumber or composite materials. Everything will be designed to compliment your existing landscaping and patio. Additionally, specialty items such as small floating boatlifts, moorings for boat tie off, bumpers, ladders,
icebreakers, remote boatlifts, and more are all available for your choosing.

"In an effort to protect scenic views
and property values" the
municipalities that border Keuka
have proposed a uniform set on
regulations governing docks,
boathouses and moorings on the
lake. Click
HERE for a printable
version of this law.

The State regulates construction within
its waterways. Currently the construction
of permanent docks, seawalls,
boathouses, and any type of
construction, including lake bed
excavation, on Keuka Lake up to the
high water point at 715.3 feet elevation
requires a permit from the State. The
State can and will require the removal of
structures that are not in compliance.
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